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'Make yourself home' means knowing your values, what you want, your purpose and how you can have the impact you want to have. It also means being at home in your body, your heart and resting in yourself, as I equip you with tools that shift you from stressed to resilient and centred. 

Innovation, Transparency, Love, Trust to be yourself and Stretch.

You are most likely a young achiever, a professional or a social entrepreneur, an enthusiast and you know there is more waiting for you. It's a hunch, a wish to change. You might be ready for professional change more meaningful and authentic to you or a personal development path that you've been wondering about.

I am helping young professionals who are missing a sense of belonging in their profession or current living environment connect to their body and heart as their powerful home base at all times.

I work with coaching and embodiment tools to create awareness, have you fall in love with yourself, reach your goals and be able to tap into your resources.

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I run workshops and community events for youth and international young professionals. In these face to face sessions I raise aspirations, emotional and body IQ by training and modeling leadership qualities in a fun, playful and deep way. A bit like dolphins we dive deep, dance all emotions and don't forget to play with a light and joyful heart.

Act on your gut feeling and get curious, connect to a community of like minded people and have a look what coaching can do for YOU. Maybe you already made your first step away from an entangeling job and yet need some more trust, ease as well as challenge in what you are doing? You name where we start. 
To know who you are talking to meet Laura here virtually and get in touch any time.  
When You resonate with what I write about you I want to meet you, no strings attached in my 96 unique YOU's series. Read more here!
Feel free to browse this site, join the discussion in the blog. There will be a free stuff page and a little shop added to this site soon.

Coaches coming to this site, you will want to have a look at the beautiful community I invite you to join.

As a certified co-active coach I explore the question of how embodiment work can serve the coach and the client and pass on this knowledge in practical workshops for coaches new to their body. Learn more here: https://www.facebook.com/somaticsincoaching
I support coaches at various stages of their training and professional journey. Let's talk! 

Experience coaching now. Book a free session and get working on your most pressing topic immediately:  

email laura@authenticitycoach.co.uk, call +44 203 287 7375, skype lahnemann or click here to view my availability and book an appointment directly into my calendar.

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